Inda Burlesque

Naughty Little Cabaret - November 27th, 2016 - Benefit for TPAN

On November 27th, 2016 the Naughty Little Cabaret did a benefit performance for the for TPAN, the Test Positive Aware Network. All money raised went to TPAN. Performances (which were donated) by Kat Sass, Eva la Feva, Rob "Pup" Racine, Dionysus, Bazuka Joe, P. No Noire, Mr. Spring, Ms. B LaRose, Boy Toy's Pocket Cabaret, Jimmy "Boy Toy" Swagger, Glamonster, Harry Heart Throb, Anghell from Venezuela, Willy LeQueue, The Vixen, Tyler R. Hall, and others (If you know the names of those I haven't listed, please reach out! I want to attribute them).